The Mama Social

Happy Monday everyone! The sun is still shining for us and last week I finally bit the bullet and booked a venue for an event that I’ve been thinking about for a long time.

Since Lily was born (she’ll be two this August) I’ve been wanting to set up a mum club here in Swansea. I absolutely love being a mummy, she’s my world but I’ve also come to realise that to be the best that I possibly can for her, that I also need to look after me. It’s time to get some excitement back, form new friendships, try new things…maybe get a bit of glamour back in my life. Are you in search of these things too? If so then read on…

The Mama Social

So what is it? Or what do I hope it will be. Well I would love for it to become a community for mums to meet new friends that may share common interests & meet up regularly at organised events, some with our tiny humans and some for mamas only where we can get a bit glammed up – maybe a ladies lunch. We all need the support of good friends to talk through the sleepless nights with and laugh with despair at your baby pooing on the floor but just because we now have other responsibilities & a new focus in life doesn’t mean that we can’t still enjoy things we used to.

I see these groups & events happening in London and I would love to go to one but it’s not possible right now so I thought why not see if I can make it happen here? Scary? Yes! Exciting? Yes.

So, I’ve booked a venue for a first meet & greet and hope that if you’re local and free on Thursday 19th July that you can join me.

Before I sign off I know you may have a few questions so hopefully here are some answers for you.

Why do I have to buy a ticket?

This is so that I can liaise with the venue on final numbers to confirm the space we will need, food, drinks etc and for the special things I want to do to make this an occasion for us mamas.

But I don’t know anybody?!

This is another reason I have made this event ticketed so that you have to come through me, we may chat on the phone or have a brief message where hopefully I can put you at ease.

What if I buy a ticket and then can’t make it on the day?

Of course I’m a mum myself and I understand things don’t always go to plan so please get in touch with me, tickets will be refunded for genuine unforeseen circumstances.

If you would like to purchase a ticket please contact me on 07874088241 or send me a message on Instagram @jane_copeland and I will forward my PayPal details.

Thanks for reading and hopefully see some of you very soon!!

J x




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