Things I Used To Do…

Life changes so much when you have a baby and it’s easy to forget who you are and what you like doing as you very quickly adapt to do everything you possibly can to keep your tiny human happy at ALL times.

The big changes like not going out as much (or at all in my case) are obvious but I thought I’d share with you the little things I used to do on my own;

Go to the toilet – now my little shadow comes with me 99% of the time and helps me by getting the toilet paper ready for me 💔

Shower – since Lily was born she’s showered with me. Sitting in her bouncer to begin with she used to fall asleep watching the drops of water run down the screen amd listening to the buzz of the shower and extractor fan. Then when she was around 7 months I used to drag the travel cot into the bathroom and she’d play with toys in it and I’d sing songs to her. These days she either sits in the bathroom and plays with toys, has a bath whilst I shower (I can see her) or comes in the shower with me. Unless of course Daddy is home and then I get my five minutes of peace.

Eat – Any parent will tell you that to sit and eat a whole meal to yourself, uninterrupted is utter bliss. I used to spend a lot of time prepping and baking, making my own sauces from scratch and flicking through recipe books for new ideas. We’ve only just got back on track with our food in the last month really but I don’t have time to do what I used to. When Lily was first born there would be some nights where I would just eat toast or porridge if Lee was out or go without tea completely as Lily always slept on me and I learnt quickly that putting her down wasn’t an option. This changed when my friend bought me the Caboo Carrier and Lily would sleep in that whilst I prepped dinner.


What breakfast used to look like

Hair & Make-up – I used to Spend about an hour doing my hair & make-up each day including rollers most days, now I can’t even remember the last time I used them. If I’m going to style my hair these days I use GHDs to curl it so that it lasts for the next 3 days!! My make-up I mostly do with Lily sitting in my lap. Trying to apply mascara and constantly keep Charlotte Tilbury goodies out of the way of little fingers is a daily struggle.


Mum & I enroute to my baby shower, in our rollers!

Chat – Gone are the days (for now) of  actually having conversations with friends – these days conversation is punctuated by me jumping up to run after Lil or to clean up the latest spillage and she gets very unhappy if I make a phone call in the car and interrupt The Wiggles album.

TV – My Sunday routine used to go like this; yoga followed by protein pancakes and watching Sunday Brunch. Adult tele during the day has been replaced by Nick Jnr, CBeebies & Baby TV. If there was a special edition of Tenable relating to kids’ programmes & their characters I think I’d bring home the jackpot.


Thanks for reading, hope you all have a fab week.

J x


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