This Week’s Survival Kit

If you follow me on Insatgram you’ll already know that I was so done with this week by Wednesday. Feeling generally run down & drained, exhausted from disturbed sleep, sick of winter and to top it all off I singed a hole in my new lounge suit bottoms…a definite FML moment.

So I thought  it would be fun to share with you five things that have got me through this week aka my Survival Kit;

1. Starbucks Oat Milk Caramel Latte – obviously coffee was going to top this list. Now although the I love independent coffee houses Starbucks is my favourite chain and had to top my list because of the drive-thru. That drive-thru has literally been my saviour during everything round of teething.

2. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour Cream – actually more like a gel and pretty pricey at £28 a tube BUT it works miracles. My lips have been so chapped and this little beauty has brought them back to life.

3. Sweatpants – yep some times you just need a day to chill in sweat pants because the brain power required to think of another outfit is just more than you can handle today and your body is not in the mood to be restricted by jeans.

4. A notebook & biro – Lily has just got to a stage where she will ‘sometimes’ take a break from running wild, climbing over furniture, dragging everything out the cupboards and sit and draw. However, she’s not interested in crayons anymore but give her a biro and a note pad and I could get to sit down for 20 minutes! Possibly even drink a hot coffee (as long as she has a decaf version or warm milk in the same cup as Mummy).

5. The girls – my friends, my fellow Mamas, the insta community; so much support and love this week and it makes me so happy to see women supporting women, being kind, supporting each other’s goals and being there when you just need a good old rant.

Thanks for reading,

Hope you’ve all had a fab weekend.

J x


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