The First Year


My baby is one today. Where has the last year gone? Since Lily started walking the time has gone even faster…possibly due to the fact that I’m running after her most of the time!

In honour of my beautiful baby & to celebrate a whole year I wanted to write a post about what I’ve learnt over the last twelve months as a new Mummy. So here it goes;

1. Not to worry about what the books or other people say (including your Mum..even when she’s your best mate & knows EVERYTHING ) you know your own baby best and don’t be afraid to do what works for your unit. My Mum was worried about Lily & I co-sleeping but it worked for us and ensured we all got some decent sleep.
2. Cake is life!
3. Coffee becomes essential!! How I did the first 6 months without it I will never know. I try to stick to two caffeinated coffees a day now as I’m still breastfeeding Lily at night and I did find she was restless on holiday when I had more.
4. Having a support network around you is essential. For us it has been hard with our family being so far away (for them too) but I made sure that Lily & I got out as much as possible in those early days and I have made some great friends who also happen to be Mummies. Nothing beats catching up (preferably over coffee & cake) to discuss issues, share knowledge and have a good old rant to get you back on track (most days).
5. Baby wipes are the best thing since sliced bread. The funny thing is Lily now uses them to wipe up as she’s seen me do sooo many times.
6. To savour moments on your own like having a shower or going to the toilet. It doesn’t happen often.
7. A baby carrier will change your life. If like me you decide to go away with a very active 9 month old who also happens to get four teeth at once on said holiday then it will not only change your life it will save your life!
8. Baby brain does exist. I mean I can’t scientifically prove it but I would describe it as all new baby necessities overwriting existing, now not so important stuff.
9. Putting baby food stained clothes into a bowl with a combination of Ariel & Vanish & leaving to soak works 99% of the time. If that fails you’re screwed..unless it’s white and you can get the bleach and an old toothbrush out!
10. The meaning of exhaustion. How did I ever party until 6am?! These days I struggle to make it past 10pm! And some days I’m ready for bed when Lily goes.
11. There are some lovely people in the world. Since having Lily I’ve had more conversations with strangers than I think ever in my life. People see a baby and it makes them smile and they want to chat – as a new Mum just the smallest bit of useless chit chat can make your day a whole lot better.
12. Just how much you can love someone. From the minute I found out I was pregnant I loved my little blueberry so much I could cry. I did cry! And now sometimes I just look at her and well up. And I’m crying now (a combination of emotion & tiredness after my cake baking efforts).

Hope you enjoyed reading.

Happy Friday to you all and of course Happy Birthday to my little princess. Love you so much Lily.

J x


2 thoughts on “The First Year

    • janeyjanec says:

      Thank you that’s so kind. Yes I might do one day, I’m sure we’ll love to look back on it – they grow so quickly and you forget each step so quickly I already need reminding! Thanks for reading. Have a lovely weekend x

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