Life Update


Lily likes her new room

You may have noticed I’ve been slightly quieter on Instagram the past week or so and it’s been a while since my last blog. Please forgive me! We moved house and then Lily & I got another stomach bug (the third in 6 months…a major down side to nursery).

We’ve moved to an older property which is nice as it has character but that also means that there’s a fire place in every room and a sink in Lily’s bedroom. Not ideal/maybe handy at times?!

Despite being a good size house the one thing that it is lacking is storage space so I’ve been stalking the IKEA website all week for some handy storage solutions.

So the move itself went well, thanks to all our friends who realised how stressful a house move can be and offered to help in any way shape or form. We were pretty sorted as last minute we hired a professional removals firm, not just a man with a van. And OMG these guys were unbelievable. If you’ve used a company like this before you’ll know what I mean.

When they came to size the job the guy said to leave all the things in the drawers and they would just strap them up and leave the clothes in the wardrobes as they would just lift them on to rails. We couldn’t believe our ears, I mean that to us was going to be the hardest part. Mainly my other half’s hardest past as believe it or not he has more clothes and far more shoes than me!!

So anyway, they made the moving day pretty stress free and we actually sort of enjoyed getting everything sorted in the new house.

Since then there hasn’t been much progression. Between juggling work & Lily it’s hard to get things straight. So it looks like we’ll be up the wall for a few weeks. Hopefully one day we’ll be box free!

For now I’m going to enjoy sitting in my arm chair, scrolling through Insta whilst Lily naps on me and not worry about all the sh*t still to sort through.

Wishing you all a calm Sunday,

J x


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