Life In Pink


Good morning everyone! So today my baby is 10 months old!! I have no idea where those months have gone & when my baby got so big. She turns one at the end of August and yesterday I booked her birthday party at a soft play centre. Life has changed so much for us since Lily arrived and certainly for the better but that doesn’t mean that things are plain sailing 100% of the time – she is my absolute angel but she is literally non-stop from the minute she opens her eyes until the minute she falls asleep in my arms at night (no she still doesn’t sleep in her cot, she doesn’t self-settle and I could never leave her to cry it out) so some days I’m exhausted. There are days when I think I’ll do this, this and this and absolutely none of it gets done. For the past 18 months I’ve barely blogged because finding the time is difficult, especially when our families live so far away so I’m looking after Lily 24/7. However, this time is SO precious that everything else just loses importance as I know it can wait – I’ll get round to it eventually (maybe I’ll get through those winter items in the ironing basket before AW’17).

So, to anybody who may have checked out my blog previously or anybody who follows me on Instagram you may have noticed a couple of things;

  1. My blog has a new name…Life In Pink (used to be JaneyJaneC) this is because since Lily was born not only do I dress her in pink 90% of the time but my wardrobe has also increasingly started to take a rosey glow. I think this may be my subconscious picking items that might compliment Lily’s as I couldn’t cope with our outfits clashing!
  2. I don’t post as many photos of food/recipes on Instagram anymore. Basically because I don’t have the time right now. There have been so many times in the last 10 months where I’ve just had to eat toast or porridge because it had to be something super quick or in a bowl so I could eat it one handed whilst cradling Lily with the other. There have also been a LOT of takeaways, something I hardly ever used to eat. I’d say we ate 1-3 a week for the first 6 months after Lily was born and the thing is, food that isn’t good for you doesn’t look good on a picture either #fact. If you’re a foodie you can now find quick snaps of my (mostly healthy) meals & snacks on my Instagram stories.
  3. Lily now takes over everything!! Sorry if you’re not a baby lover & this baby spamming is too much for you, no problem if you want to unfollow because these posts will be here to stay.

So what can you expect? Well I’m hoping to get back into posting on a weekly basis to fill you in on Lily’s latest antics, what I’m wearing now that I’m feeling more like myself again & general life being a Mummy. Which, in case you’ve never heard me say, is the best thing ever despite the exhaustion & baby brain (baby brain does exist, for example I once gave the lady at the ckeckout in Morrisons £50 when she said £15 & I didn’t even think about how my few items could total £50).

Looking forward to sharing our journey with you…not always but often in pink. Here are a few of our pink combos from the last 10 months…


Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday.

J x


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