Focus on what you can eat….

People often presume that maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating well must be boring. They often screech in horror when I explain that I have a gluten-free diet “but that means you can’t eat pizza!?!” is the usual response I get or “liven up”.

Whether you’ve changed your diet for health reasons, recently found out that you have an intolerance or an allergy, or maybe you’ve just set yourself a personal challenge…focus on what you can eat and forget about what you can’t.

If you can’t get your mind to focus on the positives then you will never achieve your goal.

I personally made my decision to eliminate gluten from diet after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder (which is now fully in remission). I did my own research and found that gluten, sugar and alcohol could irritate my condition and at the time I was so focused on getting myself better asap that I cut them all out there and then!

You have to decide what is right for you and ask yourself if you’re ready to make the change.

If you find you’re struggling with your new way of eating and you’re unsure about what you can eat then do your research and make a list.

Here’s mine;

What I choose to NOT eat anymore (Gluten) What I choose to eat : ) What I eat now and then…
Bread Brown rice Crisps (gluten free flavours)
Cakes Potatoes Nutella
Biscuits Sweet potatoes Chocolate
Pasta Oats Desserts with refined sugar
Pizza Rice cakes Alcohol
Pastries Gluten-free bread
Deep fried foods Gluten-free pasta
All vegetables
Nut butters
All fruits
Coconut oil
Olive oil
Fish & meat
Almond milk
Dark chocolate

So as you can see my list of what I choose to eat is at least double the length of the list of what I choose to not eat anymore and the items I choose to eat now and then are about balance, so I’m never depriving myself.

Give it a go. If you’re struggling for ideas then get in touch and I’ll try to make some helpful suggestions for you.

Remember this is your life choice.

Jane x


Twitter: Janey_JaneC

Instagram: Jane_Copeland


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