Relax, Bake, Prep

Sunday is my favourite day of the week and the one day where I always try to take the time out to relax. I usually start my day with an energising yoga session followed by a stack of protein pancakes (usually devoured whilst watching Sunday Brunch).

On my route home I like to do the food shop so that I’m ready for the week ahead. Making life more convenient and setting yourself a routine is important when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I think this applies to food too. I buy the same food each week but I mix the dishes up slightly. Here is my basic list;image

From this I can create many variations of gluten-free and refined-sugar free meals, treats & snacks. Next time you head to the supermarket think about what you need, plan ahead and write a list then see how many different ways you can use the same ingredients.

Here are some of my favourites to start you off…


Happy Sunday everyone 💕

Jane x


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