This weekend…

My weekend was mostly spent trying to twist my body into knotted shapes and devouring delicious, healthy food.

One of my inspirational friends and yoga instructor, Emily Cole, is opening a fabulous new wholefood cafe and state-of-the-art yoga studio in Swansea this October, bringing a glimpse of that laid back Californian lifestyle to the beautiful coast of South Wales. I can’t wait!

On Saturday morning I gulped back my new creation, the coffee & banana smoothie, before heading over to a
free session held by one of the possible new instructors.


Emily wants the studio to offer something for everyone from beginner to advanced yogi, pregnancy classes and sessions just for men. There was even mention of a yoga wall (at this point there was a little person inside me jumping up & down in child-like excitement).

On Sunday morning I was honoured to be invited to sample some of the delicious goodies soon to feature on the menu at the Urban Zen Cafe. In one word, wow!

Cacoa & Nutmeg Smoothie

                  Cacoa & Nutmeg Smoothie

Full Breakfast with Scrambled Tofu

         Full Breakfast with Scrambled Tofuo

Cashew Cheese Burrito with quinoa & celery

Cashew Cheese Burrito with Quinoa & Celery

Pumpernickel Bread with Homemade Houmous & Tempeh

Pumpernickel Bread with Homemade Houmous & Tempeh

Lemon & Cashew Nut Energy Ball

Lemon & Cashew Nut Energy Ball

Emily is passionate about providing organic plant based foods that will satisfy your grumbling, post Vinyassa stomach and awaken your taste buds. I couldn’t get enough of it and even took a little tupperware box home for my boyfriend to taste, the contents of which didn’t last long!

All in all the perfect way to spend a weekend of relentless rain before heading off to Paris this week for a girls’ trip.

Follow Urban Zen Yoga Cafe on Instagram for sneak previews and take a look at the link below;

Namaste ✌🏻️

Jane x


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